Live from the Secret City

Radio Before the Explosions



In the early 20th century, radio was a staple in every American home. It was a time when men, women, and children gathered around the radio dial every night in their homes. They would hear songs that would become classics, stories that became feature films, and breaking news that would change the history of the world. Bottle Cap Radio will bring you great fictional stories, some of our favorite songs, real radio advertisements, news stories, and sports from the 1930’s to 1950’s. Join us and take a step into the radio time-capsule. A time of simplicity, a time of class. A time before the explosions.


Our story begins during World War 2. The war turned out very different from what America had planned. The battle started to advance to American soil, and, in preparation, the United States government began building nuclear-proof bunkers. The plan was to build as many bunkers as possible, but the war was advancing too fast. The first phase of bunkers were constructed in most major cities and near military bases. Before Phase 1 was completed, however, America was backed into it’s own corner. War had begun on American soil.

Due to limited capacity and a halt of production, the government began auctioning off living spaces within the bunker. Bunker quarters were assigned numbers and families were given corresponding lottery numbers. The numbers were drawn and families were immediately moved into all of the bunker spaces. Unfortunately, the explosions came soon after. Nuclear war had begun on American soil. The world as we knew it had come to a complete halt, and bunker residents feared the worst.



That was over 70 years ago, and close friends Half Dollar and Tintype were starting to venture out of the Secret City bunker. This was the first time anyone in the bunker had left. The fear of seeing the wasteland for the first time and exposing themselves to the radiation was something other bunker-dwellers did not want to risk. But, Half Dollar and Tintype were different. As first generation bunker-borns, they deemed it their duty to rebuild a once-great world.

In hopes of rebuilding the world, Half Dollar and Tintype decided to construct a broken radio tower that they had found. With Tintype’s technical background and Half Dollar’s charismatic personality, they hope to attract new listeners and bring love and compassion back to the world by broadcasting their favorite pre-war music, documented sports broadcasts, original radio stories, and much more.

Meet Your Radio Hosts


halfdollar“People all over the Secret City have been stopping by wanting to know all about ole Half Dollar. I’ve heard your lustful cries, and I’m going to give it to you all.

My story is a simple one, see. I’m a first generation bunker rat. Born in the bunker, I’ve spent my time trying to woo and procreate that bunker. My goal was to turn that bunker into Half Dollar City. Once I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I set out seeking fame and, and… women. The ultimate goal being to turn this bomb-scared world good again.

I never knew my mother. She passed away during labor. My father taught me everything. And I mean everything. Including how caring and beautiful my mother was. When my father passed, I realized it was time to leave that bunker. He left me with all the love and charisma this world used to have, along with a small velvet pouch. He told me, “Always remember the love the world used to have. It is still out there you just have to reach out and find it.”

I figured my role in this world was to travel the scared planet to find love again and find a way to spread it to the ones left alive after the blast. Once I met my closest buddy, Tintype, I realized the potential for friendship and opportunity. Bottle Cap Radio was born by us for you. He built all of this for you. All the ways you can connect to us and enjoy the good we want to spread is credited to Tintype. From his sweat and hard work he built this bunker command station, communication broadcast, and the electronic billboards. Or websites… I believe that’s what they used to be called. You’ve got my heart and now my story. Wait… what? You want to know what was in my velvet pouch? It’s a long story, but I’ll fill you in over time.”



“My story begins right here in the bunker of the Secret City. I’ve lived here my entire life. I don’t know a whole lot of the world outside of this bunker, but I’m interested to learn more.

During the war, my grandparents purchased space in the community bunker as a precaution. My parents were only children when the war began. When they received word that the war was coming onto our soil, they immediately moved into the bunker with many other families. The bombs dropped and most of the country was destroyed. All communications, technology, and life as we know it came to a stop.

My parents had me in the bunker. I was what’s called a “first generation bunker-born.” I’ve never known a life outside of this bunker. When I was a young boy, the bunker technologist took me under his wing. We had many computers in our bunker and he taught me how to use them. He has since passed and the role has been passed down to me.

Since the bombs fell, the land outside has been inhabitable. We were told not to venture outside of the vault due to the radiation, but my buddy Half Dollar had a different plan. He talked me into going outside the vault for the first time. I came across an old radio tower and have been working on rebuilding it. We’ll broadcast regular radio messages out to the Secret City Wasteland in hopes of reaching some other survivors. Even if we don’t reach anybody, it’s still kind of fun to sit in our studio and listen to some of the pre-war music.”